MotionX-GPS FAQ Topics

Importing & Exporting

What file types can I import into MotionX-GPS?

The import feature supports waypoints and tracks only in the GPX file format. If you have a waypoint or track in a different file format, use a file converter such as GPSVisualizer or GPS Babel to convert to GPX.… more

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How do I import waypoints and tracks?

Importing of GPX waypoints and tracks into MotionX-GPS is supported in version 7.1 or later (Full version only).


Import Google Earth tracks into MotionX-GPS Tutorial Video


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How do I export my waypoints and tracks?

There are two options to export waypoints and tracks.

1. You can export your waypoints and tracks by email. Go to the MotionX-Tracks or MotionX-Waypoints page, touch the waypoint or track you wish to export. Touch the “Options” button and … more

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