MotionX-GPS FAQ Topics

Maps and Tracks

Can I turn maps off to reduce data usage?

Yes. From Settings (gear icon), go to Maps and Tracks and turn Map Data off.


Note: Turning Map Data Off, does not turn off map data for the Apple map types (iOS 6) or the Google map types (iOS more

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Can I use MotionX-GPS for turn-by-turn driving directions?

MotionX-GPS is not a turn-by-turn navigation application that will guide you when driving with routing and voice guidance. It is intended primarily for hikers, cyclists, runners, skiers, geocachers, sailors, and any other activity where you want to track your route. … more

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Can I get total vertical ascent in a track?

Yes. While recording a track in portrait mode, vertically scroll the bottom part of the Track Recorder page to view an altitude profile; scroll further to see current elevation, gradient, and total ascent/descent.

While in landscape mode, current elevation, gradient … more

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How do I clear old tracks from my Map page?

To clear the blue Realtime Track on the MotionX-Maps page, touch the Maps button on the Maps page, select Realtime Track then Clear. This will erase the blue Realtime Track without affecting your saved tracks.

To hide saved tracks that … more

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What map data are MotionX-Terrain and MotionX-Road maps based upon?

MotionX-Terrain and MotionX-Road maps are drawn from OpenStreetMap (OSM) database. MotionX supports the OpenStreetMap effort because OSM is to maps what Wikipedia is to encyclopedias. You’ll notice that OSM already has additional features beyond roads such as hiking paths added … more

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How do I record a track?

Tracks are recorded while the Track Recorder is running.  You can save a track to your Tracks logbook by pressing “Save” when the Track Recorder is paused.

In the event you forgot to start the Track Recorder, you can still … more

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What is a track?

A track is a series of points recorded during your journey.… more

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