Importing waypoints or tracks

There are 3 methods supported for importing GPX files into MotionX-GPS and MotionX-GPS HD.



1. From your Mac or PC, email the gpx file to

2. Check your email (the same account you used to mail the gpx file) using the iPhone’s native “Mail” application. You should receive a reply from MotionX within a few minutes.

3. Touch the “Select Here” link in the reply. MotionX-GPS or MotionX-GPS HD will launch automatically and begin the import.

4. Once MotionX-GPS or MotionX-GPS HD has begun the import, select “Confirm” when prompted.

5. When the import is complete, go to the Tracks page from the main Menu to see your imported track(s) or the Waypoints page to view your imported waypoints.


Send an email with the GPX files attached to the email account you have setup on your iPhone/iPad

Press and hold on a GPX file in the received email and when prompted open with MotionX-GPS or MotionX-GPS HD. The GPX file will be imported into either Menu > Tracks > Import or Menu > Waypoints > Import.


For a large number of GPX files, it’s best to use iTunes Drag & Drop

First launch MotionX-GPS or MotionX-GPS HD on your iPhone/iPad and go to Menu > Setup > iTunes Drag & Drop. Turn iTunes Drag & Drop on.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer, launch iTunes and select your device in the left pane. Select the Apps tab at the top, then scroll down the page until you see the File Sharing section. Select MotionX-GPS or MotionX-GPS HD. Drag the GPX files you’d like to add to MotionX-GPS into this window and they will sync immediately to your iPhone or iPad. Drag and Drop is also a great feature for backing up your waypoints and tracks from time to time.


See our online tutorial showing step by step instructions here.