Broadcast your position using Auto Live Updates

Auto Live Updates is an optional feature which allows others to see your position in real-time on a map or via email, Facebook or twitter.  To enable, go to Menu>Auto Live Updates

  • Broadcast your position when skiing to let your friends know where you are on the mountain.
  • If heading out for an extended hike, let a family member or friend watch your progress.
  • If on a multi-vehicle road trip, use it to keep track of where the other vehicles are on the road.

To broadcast your position to a map others can view from MotionX-GPS on their iPhone/iPad or from the web at, select the Map option.

To share to Facebook, Twitter, or Email, select your desired option(s).
Flip the red master switch on and you’re ready to go.

Setting up the Map option:

– Go to Menu>Auto Live Updates

– Select the “Setup and Learn More” button

– Enter a display name

– Choose how often you’d like your position updated (30s, 1min, 5min or 10min)

– Choose what radius you’d like to display your friends within (5mi, 25mi, 100mi or All).

– Choose to display your friends position updates from the last 15min, 1hr, 12hrs or 24hrs.

– Select a channel between 00000-99999

– Select Done when finished.
Setting up Facebook, Twitter, or Email:

– Goto Menu>Setup>Share

– Login to Facebook or Twitter

– Enter a display name for email shares and any email addresses of people to whom you would like to share.

– Select Menu>Auto Live Updates when finished
Note: There are 100,000 possible channels to choose from, but to further reduce concerns over your privacy, you may elect to use a fictitious display name that only your family and friends will know. If you’d rather not share your position, turn Auto Live Updates off.