Downloading Maps

MotionX-GPS allows you to download maps for offline use.  Below are instructions for downloading map tiles for use when you are in an area without network coverage.  Map Downloads are supported for MotionX Road, MotionX Terrain, and NOAA Marine map types.  Due to licensing agreements, Google maps cannot be downloaded.

1. Select Menu>Setup>Map Downloads>Download New Maps.

2. Choose from the available map types (MotionX Road, MotionX Terrain, NOAA Marine).

3. Select either the Area or Route button depending on whether you want to download tiles within a circle or along a route.

4. Center the area you’d like to download using the zoom controls and by dragging the map under the red area selector.  You can change the size of the area selector or drag the route selector to the desired location.

5. Next, choose the zoom levels you want downloaded. #1 is the farthest zoom level, and #19 is the closest (or 16 in MotionX Terrain). Note that the number of tiles can multiply very quickly when you choose the closer zoom levels, so you may want to only choose the closest zoom for relatively small areas.

6. Select the Download button when you’re satisfied. Download times can last from a few minutes to several hours for if you have selected a large tile set.

7. Once the download is complete, preview the tile set using the View button.  To use the downloaded maps, go to the Map page and select the same map type and zoom levels you downloaded. If you want to be sure that they’ll be available when your data connection is absent, you can switch Map Data off from Settings-> Maps, then view the map page.