Sharing via Email, Facebook or Twitter

If you’re having trouble sharing a waypoint or track to Email, Facebook or Twitter, the suggestions below may help:

1. Begin by rebooting your device – press and hold the sleep/wake button for 4-8 seconds, slide the red arrow to power off when the dialogue appears and press the sleep/wake button again to turn your device back on.

2. If you are using a 3G data connection please access your iPhone’s settings to enable Wifi, and attempt to share.

3. If you are using a Wifi data connection, please disable it in your iPhone’s settings, and attempt to share with a 3G data connection.

4. In MotionX-GPS, clear all your share settings. Enter an email address and display name only and attempt to share.

5. Access Menu -> Settings -> One Click Sharing, enter an alternate email address and display name, and attempt to share.

6. Select Menu -> Share -> Current Position, and attempt to share without a photo.