What zoom levels should be selected when downloading maps?

The Min Zoom level (smaller numbers) gives a broader overview. The Max Zoom level (higher numbers) provides greater detail. Higher zoom levels for a given area result in more map tiles. The zoom level is displayed in the lower right corner on the Map screen. Sample zoom levels:


  • Level 3: North American continent.
  • Level 5: State of California.
  • Level 11: City of San Francisco.
  • Level 14: Central Park, New York
  • Level 16: Several square city blocks.
  • Level 18: Street-level (1-2 blocks).

Since it can take a significant amount of time to download the max zoom level across large areas, we recommend downloading an overview of the areas you’re interested in using zoom levels 10-12, then in a separate download, select smaller areas in which to download greater detail at higher zoom levels.