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After years of offering top-rated GPS apps for both the iPhone and iPad, we have made the difficult decision to remove MotionX-GPS and GPS-HD from the App Store. We realize MotionX-GPS and GPS-HD have a large following but those who already own the app(s) will be able to continue using it. There are some features that will no longer be supported in the app due to the infrastructure costs associated with ongoing hosting. These include:

  • Map tiles provided by Thunderforest, such as Open Cycle Maps, have been blocked by the map provider and are no longer available for download through the Custom Map Downloads feature.
  • Sharing waypoints or tracks with others via the built-in email sharing. Alternative methods are available. See below.
  • Auto Live Position Updates
  • Wikipedia Search
  • MotionX Road and MotionX Terrain map types (Apple, Google, Bing, NOAA, and custom maps will continue to be available)

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Those who already own the MotionX-GPS or MotionX-GPS apps can continue using it. If you purchase a new iPhone or iPad and/or if you would like to reinstall the app(s), you will still be able to do so as long as you are signed into the App Store using the same Apple ID credentials you used when it was originally purchased. If you need to reinstall the app, launch the App Store and then tap the Account icon (icon located toward the top right) > Purchased > search for "MotionX GPS" or "MotionX GPS HD", and then tap the Cloud icon (with downward arrow) to install the app on your device.

Alternate methods to share waypoints or tracks:
Please see this document for MotionX-GPS and this document for GPS-HD.

If you have further questions not answered here, please contact Customer Support.