Does the app have a trip function where I could see my distance walked over a certain period of time?

MotionX-365 allows users to record a walk or run and know the exact distance of that walk or run. To do so you will need to start a stopwatch recording.

Begin by connecting the watch and the app. Do so by pressing the crown of the watch with the MotionX-365 app open. When the watch is connected the my watch icon in the top right hand corner of your screen will turn blue. Now select the plus icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. Select Stopwatch and press Start.

Once you are done with your walk access the stopwatch page and stop the stopwatch recording with the watch connected to the app. From the MotionX-365 home page select Activity and you will see a small stopwatch icon along your activity graph, select this icon to view details of your stopwatch recording. Selecting the Calipers next to your distance allows you to calibrate your stopwatch recordings leading to greater accuracy of future recordings.