Why am I having trouble getting a signal?

First, make sure you are using an iPad 3G. Wifi iPads do not have the necessary GPS chipset to acquire an accurate signal.

Ensure your iPad has a clear view of the sky. GPS requires a direct ‘line-of-site’ to communicate with satellites. Your iPad 3G or 3GS must have a clear view of the sky to locate at least three satellites in order to give accurate position information. If you are located indoors, or in a wooded area or urban canyon (surrounded by buildings), you may be unable to acquire an accurate signal.

If you can’t acquire a signal within two minutes, try using “Reset Location Warnings” under the iPad’s settings in General >> Reset.

If you are flying or traveling at speeds above 150 mph/240 km/h, you may wish to switch the Accuracy Filter off under Settings > Global Settings if you are having trouble maintaining a GPS signal. Turning the Accuracy Filter off makes it easier to acquire and maintain a GPS signal when traveling at high speeds.

Alternately, try powering your iPad off, then turn it back on and launch MotionX-GPS HD. If prompted, allow MotionX-GPS HD to use Location Services by selecting “Ok”.

The iPad 3G also has a service by Skyhook which uses WiFi to help speed up the GPS signal acquisition. If the location data for the WiFi signal you’re picking up is incorrect in Skyhook’s database, it could be interfering rather than helping to speed up the GPS signal search.

Skyhook has a form you can fill out to correct the location of the WiFi access point. Here is a link to the form. You will need your actual Latitude and Longitude, the MAC address of the WiFi access point and your email address to submit a correction. The form has a link to show you where to find the MAC address if you don’t know where to look.