Connecting a heart rate monitor

MotionX-GPS version 18.0 or later supports connectivity with both ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) heart rate monitors.  ANT+ requires either a dock port receiver or an ANT+ iPhone case to receive the signal from the heart rate strap.  BLE heart rate monitors are supported with the iPhone 5 and 4S.

ANT+ Monitors

To setup an ANT+ heart rate monitor, wear the chest strap and connect the ANT+ receiver (dongle or case) to your iPhone. From the Setup page within MotionX-GPS, select Manage Sensor>Connect.  Once connected, your heart rate will display on the setup page and in the track recorder.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Newer Bluetooth Low Energy heart rate monitors are supported by the iPhone 5 and 4S.  No receiver dongle or case is required and there is no need to pair the BLE HR monitor with your iPhone first.  To setup, be sure Bluetooth is turned on from iPhone Settings>General.  Wear the chest strap, then from MotionX-GPS select Menu > Setup > Heart Rate Sensor > Manage Sensor > Connect.

Manufacturers of Compatible Heart Rate Chest Straps

  • Wahoo Fitness: ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Polar H7: BLE
  • Garmin: ANT+
  • Timex: ANT+
  • Adidas: ANT+
Manufacturers of ANT+ iPhone Receiver Dongles and Cases
Troubleshooting HR monitors
  • Be sure you are wearing the HR monitor when connecting from the setup page.
  • Ensure your HR chest strap is ANT+ or BLE compatible such as those made by Wahoo Fitness. Many Polar HR sensors are not ANT+ compatible. Look for the ANT+ symbol on your chest strap to ensure it’s compatible.
  • If using an ANT+ HR monitor, be sure the dock connector dongle or ANT+ iPhone case is connected to your iPhone.
  • Try moving away from other wireless devices using 2.4GHz when connecting the HR monitor with MotionX-GPS.
  • If the monitor fails to connect, try moistening the sensor pads on the chest strap. This will help make a better conductive surface.
  • Check the battery in the heart rate chest strap.
  • Ensure the chest strap is within 5-10 feet of the receiver.
  • Most sensors “sleep” when not in use to extend the battery life. To wake up a sensor, it needs to pick up a heart rate.
  • Ensure you are wearing the chest strap positioned in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • If you’ve connected an HR monitor to MotionX-GPS and change monitors, use the Forget Device button to remove the old profile before adding the new HR monitor.